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Tire Burner on South Side Looks to Illinois Legislature for Subsidy

If you breathe in Illinois, you need to read this article that was in the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune.  It's an excellent article about a tire burner whose owners are trying to get burning tires declared renewable energy.  Last year the same shenanigans were tried, but failed.  With the declaration of Renewable Energy, the plant would be able to sell Renewable Energy Certificates (alongside wind and solar power) to satisfy the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard.  The most recent auction pegged the price of Renewable Energy Sources from Illinois landfill gas and wind at 1.3 cents and 2.1 cents per kWh, respectively.  The subsidy (and cost) to ratepayers of tire-burning RECs would probably fall between these two figures.  So not only is there a potential health hazard to residents, but also we get the pleasure of paying for it. Read more