Green Sustainable Practices

"Green" business practices promote conservation by reducing, recycling and or reusing  the amount of resources consumed in the course of daily activities and operations.  Sustainable energy practices help save energy and help the environment at the same time.  Energy Choices offers a series of energy efficient solutions that when bundled offer you the greatest total return on your investments.  We carefully translate your company’s energy needs into project objectives to ensure you accrue all possible benefits.

Boosting Energy Efficiency

  Adjusting workplace temperatures or lighting levels requires ongoing dedication to save electricity and generate savings.  We understand that larger changes often require investment capital; and we also understand that merely prioritizing projects minimizes your ability to reap the full benefits.  Your energy efficiency investments primarily reduce your energy expenditures but they can also

Talk to us about innovative financing arrangements that can help you realize the full array of benefits and begin to realize energy cost reductions by capturing both short and long term efficiency  through one project and finance plan.

Based on your key investment criteria, budget and goals, Energy Choices can advise you on the best options available. We can also recommend qualified third party partners with expertise in this area who share our same ethics, values and commitment to customer service.

Carbon Offset Auditing and Acquisitions

We can help devise strategies to lower your Green House Gas (“GHG”) emissions.  From  measuring your Carbon Footprint we can help you choose onsite strategies whenever possible to reduce the impact of your operation on the environment.  We can also help you achieve offset through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) produced by certified generators of renewable energy.

Contact Energy Choices to find out more about how you can become more green and efficient.