Demand Response Program

Demand Response offers tangible rewards to customers willing to reduce their energy load during times of peak demand. Whether supplier or Regional Transmission Operator (RTO) managed, these programs often include financial incentives in exchange for the commitment by customers to shed load during times of peak demand.

Demand response periods are declared when demand for electricity threatens to outpace supply, which typically occurs during hot summer days. Additionally, this can happen if generation facilities are shut down, transmission lines are constrained or during periods when the spot price of electricity/Illinois Power escalates rapidly.

Co-Generation Applications

Co-generation involves capturing waste heat from electricity production and putting it to useful purpose at your business site.  The development of a co-generation system has the potential for over 85- 90 percent fuel efficiency in industrial and commercial applications. (Typically, non-cogeneration systems operate at 40-50% fuel efficiency).  Co-generation systems can use “green” technology that is both efficient and cost-effective.

Equipment Retrofits

Commercial and industrial customers looking for ways to save electricity increasingly look to alternative, higher efficient options in lighting, motors, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Energy Choices expertise in equipment retrofits can result in measurable reductions in electrical peak demand, as well as reap the advantages from available incentives and tax credits to help fund these projects. Our financial cost/benefit models for technology, equipment and systems all include electrical demand reductions according to the manufacturer ratings.