Energy Management Services

Energy price levels and market volatility constantly threaten your energy cost management and supply security—both critical components to defending your bottom line and competitive advantage.
Energy Choices’ encourages you to use energy efficiently and creatively.  Our energy management services focus on minimizing the total cost you pay for energy so the result is lower energy bills.  From risk assessment to budget forecasting, future cost modeling, purchase optimization, auditing billing and proactive moves to enhance your overall operating efficiency, Energy Choices offers cost-effective solutions.  

Risk Assessment

Our expertise and knowledge of energy pricing dynamics offers you leverage amidst the natural market volatility. We’ll help you assess your risks and the variables within your control. Many times it involves load management and usage to achieve greater electricity cost savings.

Budget Forecasting

Keys to your budget require an understanding of your load and the terms & conditions of your supply agreement.  Our budget forecast process takes both of these elements into consideration and provides a budget on which you can rely.  We often include a “what if” analysis to properly identify appropriate contingencies.

Whether your operation is expanding, contracting or continuing business as usual, our proprietary models have consistently helped customers meet or exceed their financial objectives.

Account Management

Our services extend past pricing and contract negotiation to ensure the accuracy of your invoices and help position your ongoing competitive advantage.

Utility Bill and Service Auditing

Utility bills can sometimes be confusing, with many terms and items less familiar to you. We can step you through each item of your bill to understand the rates, tariffs and charges; but more importantly we verify your billing for consistency to contract terms.  Overcharges are common.  Our track record in obtaining refunds or credits often returns additional cost savings to your company in addition to ways to save electricity.