Competitive Energy Procurement

Simple and effective. Our comprehensive, hands-on approach considers verification and budgeting of your purchase requirements.  We help you structure your energy procurement strategy and purchases to fit your business needs and outlook.  We ensure you get the quantity you need, when you need it and at acceptable market prices.

Smart Energy Procurement Purchase Process

Are you striking the right balance over time between cost control and your exposure to ever changing commodity prices?  Our Five Step Smart Energy Procurement Purchase Process begins with an understanding of your facility’s energy management goals and objectives.

Education - We help you understand the competitive energy market, including all terminology and available options. We provide a standardized representation that differentiates supplier’s product offers, commodity market trends and non-energy components that impact price to further clarify your choices.

Analysis – When was the last time you reviewed your facility’s energy usage pattern or energy contract? Analyzing the energy drivers associated with your operations can identify both opportunities to improve your energy efficiency and lead you to purchase quantities that best fit your anticipated usage.

Objectives – What are your energy management goals?  We can help you sort out your priorities – from pricing opportunities, budgeting, navigating future market volatility or creating and implementing a sustainable “Green” strategy.

Solutions – Whatever you need, and whatever management process you’ve begun, our solutions can save you time, offer reassurance that you are on track and recommend options that can lead you to energy cost reduction process improvements.

Budget Forecasting - Once energy procurement is complete, we help you prepare budgets in line with your procurement contracts. Actively managing your actual costs relative to forecasted usage will also provide you with savings.

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